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End of Watch

Time to come home dear brother your tour of duty is through You’ve given as much as anyone could be expected to
Just a few steps further and the clouds will start to clear
Others here will guide you, you have no need of fear
You have not failed your loved ones, you clearly gave it all
And through your selfless actions, others will hear the call
So take your place of honor among those who have gone before and know you'll be remembered for now and evermore.

- Robert Longley

Captain Leide William DeFusco

EOW: Friday 08/31/2012
Cause: Aircraft accident

Sergeant Inspector Warren Wayte Watts

EOW: Saturday 06/16/2012
Cause: Heart attack

Police Officer Nicholas Karl Heine

EOW: Saturday 06/21/2008
Cause: Heart attack

Trooper Frances Irene Galvin

EOW: Friday 05/25/1979
Cause: Struck by vehicle

Corporal Thomas Martin Hanson

EOW: Saturday 12/29/1973
Cause: Gunfire

Sheriff Joe E. Tucker

EOW: Tuesday 05/02/1950
Cause: Aircraft accident

Police Officer Elmer A. Trout

EOW: Monday 09/23/1935
Cause: Assault

Patrolman Addison O. Hinsdale, Jr.

EOW: Monday 10/04/1920
Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)

Patrolman Thomas Jefferson Evans

EOW: Saturday 09/13/1919
Cause: Gunfire

Detention Deputy William Wesley Green

EOW: Tuesday 10/15/1918
Cause: Gunfire

Sheriff John M. McKee

EOW: Friday 04/19/1918
Cause: Assault

Constable Norman F. Patterson

EOW: Wednesday 08/06/1913
Cause: Gunfire

Detective Sergeant John Dunleavy

EOW: Wednesday 07/25/1909
Cause: Gunfire

Police Officer Frederick H. Barner

EOW: Sunday 03/21/1909
Cause: Gunfire

Police Officer Elwin M. Slater

EOW: Thursday 10/08/1903
Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)

Police Officer Silas Marts

EOW: Wednesday 10/07/1903
Cause: Gunfire

Police Officer Moses Lovern

EOW: Monday 05/11/1891
Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)

Marshal Casper Zweifel

EOW: Friday 07/25/1884
Cause: Stabbed

Patrolman Alvin Phippenney

EOW: Monday 06/30/1879
Cause: Gunfire
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